Dual and 24-Hour Monitored Sump Pump Systems

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Sump Pump Monitoring – Dual and 24-Hour Monitored Systems

Hi, Robert Keefer here with H2O Pro and I wanted to talk to everybody about sump pumps. Did you know the H2O Pro installs sump pumps now that are on 24-hour monitoring systems? Dual systems in case the first one fails the second will kick on as a backup. We put those on really high-grade batteries in case the power goes out. And again, we have that on a smart system that monitors the sump pump itself and makes sure that it’s in good working condition all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You don’t want to get caught with your sump pump not working or having a power failure because this often leads to water damage. That can be costly. It could be thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t want that to happen. A lot of the times if it’s sump pump fails due to poor maintenance, that’s not a covered peril for insurance. So you’ll be paying that out of pocket.

So if you haven’t had your sump pump looked at recently and it’s been in there for a long time, usually over a two, three years, you really should have us come out there and take a look at it, make sure it’s in good working order and if you need to, we can end up replacing that with a far superior pump that’s backed up and put on our monitoring system and make sure that, especially if you have a second home down here in Del Marva, that you can monitor your sump pump, make sure it’s in good working condition from here on out, and do that remotely from wherever else you live. So give us a call at 302-321-7077 H2O Pro from the crawl space to the roof, we waterproof.