Flooded Crawl Space In Stevensville MD

Major Crawl Space Drainage Problem

Hi, Robert Keefer here with Hydro Hero, and I am out in Stevensville, Maryland, and I am in a customer’s crawl space and you can see that the drainage was not installed correctly. This pipe needs to be down next to the footer going all the way around the perimeter, and then that would direct it into a sub-pump or multiple sub-pumps, depending on the crawl space and its layout. So this perforated pipe also needs to be separated with a DOT-approved fabric filter, and then it needs to have a clean stone in there and then the fabric filter wrapped around it and the system contained. That way, nothing gets into the actual French drain system. Thanks, Robert Sherwood, for all the great information about how to do a proper French drain system.

That way, you don’t have a clogged system that fails where the soil migrates into the stone and the stone migrates into the soil. So big shout-outs to Robert on that. Matter of fact, Robert, if you’re watching this video, look at how much water’s actually in this crawl space. And you see all the water that’s just flowing into the basin. The sub-pump, I’m gonna put on a block. Oh, it doesn’t even look like this is kicking on now. So, the entire crawl space has a ton of water that’s getting in here. It actually went over that brick and almost damaged the HVAC system, so you can imagine that there’s mold growth, the insulation’s gonna need to be pulled and all of the typical waterproofing that we normally do’s gonna have to be done before encapsulation is attempted.

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