Crawlspace Flood Due to Poor Quality Sump Pump without Monitoring

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Crawlspace Flood Lewes DE Due to Poor Quality Sump Pump without Monitoring

Crawl Space Flood Lewes DE

Robert Keefer here with H2O Pro and just want to show you this crawl space that we’re looking at today. He’s got called from a customer, has a musty odor coming from there from the crawl space into their house.

This is what a bad condition crawlspace looks like. Complete failure here. You can this vapor barrier floating completely throughout. There is just a massive, massive amount of water here.

There is a small little dehumidifier from The Home Depot over here.

I’m not even sure if they put any drainage in here. I’m sure you guys can hear that. There is just a ton of water here. This is pretty insane.

Let’s see if we can find a sump pump installed in here if we are lucky.

Here’s this sump pump way down there. So let’s get down to it. See what we can find out.

Hopefully, everyone can see all the water that’s in here.

See the incredible amount of water about this crawl space?

So this is what happens if you don’t have a battery backup monitoring system like H2O Pro can install on your existing sump pump or put a proper new sump pump in with a battery backup and a 24-hour monitoring system. If anything ever shuts off, you get email and text message alerts immediately and you can notify us. We can fix it before you end up with a massive problem like this.

So now I’ve got to get to work. Thanks for watching. Call us to answer any of your sump pump questions for all your mold remediation and proper encapsulation at (302) 321-7077 or find us on the web.