Crawlspace Mold Inspection – Rehoboth Beach, DE

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Crawlspace Mold Inspection – Rehoboth Beach, DE

Mold Inspection in Crawlspace - Rehoboth Beach, DEHi, Robert Keefer here with H2O Pro and we are in a crawl space that is encapsulated by another company. This is a new house. It’s only three years old and I can tell this has been done by more than likely an insulation company. All in all, it doesn’t look too bad. But this is what they call a conditioned crawlspace where they use the HVAC system. They put in supplies to turn around and introduce conditioned air to lower the relative humidity. There should be an exhaust, which I haven’t found yet to make some air exchanges. But, the problem is when the builder built this house and had this company encapsulate the crawl space, there’s a, the homeowner’s never got left with a hygrometer to tell them if anything in the system goes wrong, if the relative humidity will go too high and the system and that they actually have a problem. So what we have here is, see if you guys can see this. You see these, stalagmites that are hanging down. This is all fungal growth. This is all a type of mold here and it is literally everywhere on the bottom of all of these floor joist. I’ll take you over here, see if you can see them from this angle.

See all that mold there that are hanging all over the bottom of these joists?

The relative humidity in here was 69%. 68 in this area right now, and climbing. Over 60%, you start getting fungal growth. This is really why you shouldn’t have an insulation company do your crawl space encapsulation. We run into many, many, many of these types of jobs that have this exact same problem.

So if you have this blue board with a black vapor barrier and you’ve had a home recently built and you don’t have a hygrometer. And even if you do have a hygrometer, check and see if the relative humidity is over 60% are not. Please give us a call to inspect the actual work because there’s a good chance that why you think you have a good condition, a crawl space that doesn’t have any problems. If it’s not done right, you just have a breeding ground for mold. They actually make the situation a lot worse.

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So give us a call at H2O Pro at 302-321-7077, like our page on Facebook and have a good day. Hopefully, you’re not in the same situation. It’s very unfortunate. Thanks, everybody.