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Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Water damage to homes happens to thousands of people every day. When it comes to stopping further damage and mold growth, timing is critical. HydroHero is ready to respond at a moments notice to remove the water and start drying your home or business. Water damaged homes can become a health hazard. Mold, bacteria, and viruses take little time to grow and multiply.  Flood water from storms also brings contaminated water carrying harsh chemicals from things like pesticides into the home. We specialize in cleaning up and drying homes that have been damaged due to extensive water infiltration. Your insurance company may cover some types of water damage, but many types of flood damage may not be covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy.  

Understanding The Water Damage Process

There are a few steps that must be taken to make sure you have a successful water damage restoration and we will go over those steps below.

  1. Documentation - This may be a covered insurance loss in many cases, your insurance carrier is going to want as many pictures, video, and detailed notes as they can get. This may not seem so important now, but you will find out later on that it is extremely important. You will not get a second chance at cleaning up and drying the structure will change the scene of all the affected areas.
  2. Quick Response - The most important thing you can do as a home or business owner who has just experienced a water damage is to get a certified water damage company out to extract the groundwater and install specialty structural drying equipment. This will stop mold from growing, additional building materials from soaking up water, allowing building materials like cabinets from swelling beyond repair and from letting this like hardwood floors from cupping or crowning.
  3. Daily Documentation - The documentation process for water damaged homes needs to happen every day. Things like Temp, RH%, WME, EMC, VPD, GPP readings must be taken every day. Don't you know what we're talking about? Yeah, we know you don't and that's why it is important to not hire any contractor to handle a water damage. You need a true water mitigation professional who understands drying science. Again, if this is a covered insurance loss they will want this daily documentation to pay your claim.
  4. Wapping It Up - Verify that the structure has been returned to its pre-loss condition. This means that there are no signs of mold growth related to the current water damage and that all materials have been removed, replaced or restored to the quality the home or business was in prior to the water damage occurring.