Improved Crawl Space Drainage in Mount Pleasant SC

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Improving Our Crawl Space Drainage in Mount Pleasant SC

Imiproved Crawl Space Drainage - Mount Pleasant, SCHey Robert Keefer here with Hydro Hero and today we are reviewing drain tile, corrugated pipe. Is this the best stuff that’s out there? I don’t know. Let’s find out.


So this is what we’ve been using, for a long, long time. This is good stuff. But is there anything better out there? We’re going to have to talk about that. So this is the new stuff that we got. Now, if you can compare the holes in here, this is 4, and this is 8 and they’re much, much wider. As you can see. I am not even sure if on camera you can even see the perforations in this pipe versus the perforations in this pipe. I mean, look at that. You can see all the way through all the way around, this has the maximum amount of flow or water inlet that you can get into this pipe. So we have switched from this ADS 4-inch perforated pipe to this really, really good, virgin resin, um, 8-slot pipe to maximize the water flow and to make sure that things can’t get clogged.

So again, we always wrap ours with a DOT approved fabric or drain systems or our French drains. And then, we put this pipe in and then we put the aggregate around it and then we stitch it and we learned all that from the French Drain Man. If you haven’t seen his YouTube channel, please go check that out. Again, that’s the French drain man. Robert Sherwood and his team have kind of changed the whole drainage game. They’d been dropping knowledge that is crazy. So, if you guys are, Do-it-your-selfers or even contractors on top of subscribing and watching our channel, I encourage you to go over to the French Drain Man and learn about yard drainage and many other things that he’s doing that is really cool over there.

This is the 8-slot corrugated pipe. This stuff again, is so, so much better in the amount of water that it can take and its durability than this ADS pipe. Nothing against the ADS pipe, good stuff. We’ve been using it forever. This stuff is super, super good. That’s all that I have for now. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

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