Mind Blowing Quality Crawl Space Encapsulation In Millsboro, DE.


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Hey, Robert Keefer here with HydroHero and we are down in another crawl space that we just finished up. This thing looks absolutely amazing. We hope that you really like this walkthrough, so go ahead and jump down with us and find out why HydroHero is the best at crawl space encapsulation. Think you’re going to love this guy. Come on. Okay, here we are down in this crawl space and want to go over a couple of things that we’ve done here. First thing we did in prepping this was we suspended the HVAC system down, there so you can see the metal rods and everything that’s suspended, so we can get a good clean install of the vapor barrier all the way underneath of it. That’s extremely important. A lot of companies aren’t doing that. They’re running the vapor barrier up to cinderblock and whatever else might be holding up a wood deck that’s rotting out, and they’re only haphazardly sealing that. So, we suspend the HVAC system, that way we can get a nice good clean install all the way underneath of it. We’ve graded the ground properly, so it’s nice and smooth, as you can see. I mean, it’s like an ice skating rink in here.

Absolutely beautiful. This is our hydro seal insulated vapor barrier. This also handles radiant heat and conductive heat. So, that’s radiant heat that comes through the sun and passes through the building envelope and also conductive heat, which passes through materials. So, it handles everything and regulates the temperature very, very nicely. So, we’ve wrapped the pillars, we have our inspection gap, that way any earth … Inspection gap up here. Not sure if you had the camera angled properly there, but it’s sealed all the way around, so no vapor can come up from there. But then we also have an inspection gap to make sure that any termite companies or pest control companies can look for a termite shelter tubes. Extremely important.

Vents are sealed, and we have our inspection gap going all the way around as well. So, here is our Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier. This is what I call the workhorse. So, we have a beautiful tray there. And the reason that we use these trays is so when the water actually comes in there, we’re going to put a hygrometer there. You’ve probably seen in other videos, so we have 24 hour monitoring, but the pan will fill up if the condensate pump malfunctions and it stays within the pan. It’ll hit our little rope sensor, send us an email and a text message letting us know that the condensate pump failed, and that’s before everything floods out and causes an issue. So that’s another reason that we have this particular pan under there. Works absolutely great. So, let’s see what the relative humidity is. We shoot for 45%, this crawl space was I think up in the mid to high sixties, and now it is … Not sure if you can see that, 49% right now.

So, it’ll be 45% here relatively fast and then it’ll maintain that from here on out. Why do we keep it at 45%? Because outside of microbial growth or fungi growing on the wood framing, dust mite like to live at 50% relative humidity and higher, so we like to even keep out dust mites. So, the stack effect will bring this dry air up through the house and allow the indoor air quality to be improved even more and stop more asthma irritants. So, here’s our hydro seal vapor barrier. Completely installed. Looking beautiful. Guys did an absolutely great job. So, there’s no moisture intruding in this crawl space. There was no signs of bulk water or anything, so we didn’t actually have to put drainage and this one, we always recommend drainage does go in, but this house has been here for a while and still no water intrusion issues, but humidity related issues. So, there’s the hydro seal vapor barrier completely installed. Relative humidity, everything is completely under control. This house is going to have great indoor air quality when it … In relation to how the crawl space is affecting the indoor air quality. Again, you can see that we’ve suspended that so we can get that good install there. Take you over to this side. It’s a pretty good size crawl space.

Again, everything’s sealed up nicely all the way around. Just a stellar job. Another quality crawl space encapsulation by the folks at HydroHero. Our technicians just do an amazing job. If you are looking to have your crawl space encapsulated, please give HydroHero a call, (302) 321-7077 or find us on the web at hydrohero.com. Have a great day.

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