by Darin McMahon on HydroHero
The Best Company We Have Worked With Over The Years!

In the pest control business, we rely on other companies as part of a total solution to a problem. The Team at HydroHero has repeatedly been part of the solution for many of our clients. They are extremely knowledgeable, honest, reliable and they always do what they say they are going to do.

by Michael Ledford on HydroHero

I'm a retired Journeyman waterproofing foreman from the nation's 2nd largest Waterproofer ,I ran crews over 50 men regularly ,this is without a doubt the cleanest install I've seen in 32 years on the job as a journeyman Waterproofer ,you have videos of some of your most beautiful work with comments disabled and I wonder why ,people looking for a below grade waterproofing company need to hear from other professional Waterproofers ,I've done jobs as large as 11,000 square on a Ford Motors plant so I've worked in alot of tight spaces ,I do t think most viewers honestly know how much above & beyond you've gone on the jobs you've showed us ,getting the substrate dead smooth like your guys did isn't easy ,neither is flashing walls and curbs in such tight stale air environments . I'm curious as to what adhesive you use to flash your walls and curbs with ,the flashing work looks as high quality as commercial roof flashings where Waterproofers have all the room in the world to work ,I can't even see any discoloration where the crew applied adhesive to high on the substrates ,top flight work rarely seen by smaller companies ,I'm excited about getting a new roof installed this spring using Architectural sheet metal I designed and a shingle application where I designed a custom pattern ,seeing your work makes me wish I had a crawl space ,your foreman should be teaching a class at the Roofers /Waterproofers and allied Workers union trade school .

by Bob Timmel on HydroHero
HydroHero's Crawl Spaces Are Amazing!

HydroHero crawlspaces are amazing. Very professionally done and they add big value to any home that has one. Great company with trustworthy employees.👍

by Alexandra Spieler on HydroHero
Impeccable Work and Awesome Team!!!

We have known and worked with Robert Keefer for many years, as a company we have referred many of our customers to Robert & Liz and only received excellent feedback. They do impeccable work and are an awesome team! You will only receive 1st class customer service and professionalism when dealing with HydroHero!

by Sara Corad on HydroHero

Robert at Hydro Hero is a phenomenal professional. We were so disappointed that our crawl space began to flood only a few months after moving in, and the home is only a couple of years old. We have had so many people across various specialties come to investigate the problem over the past two months, and Robert was the only one to find ALL of the issues and layout multiple options for us that were surprisingly affordable given the extent of the issues we are facing. We were advised by someone else (local contractor) that we should look no further than Hydro Hero, and he was right- even though we got multiple estimates and assessments from others in the area, Robert was the best.

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